Discover the Future
of Smart Devices with
Neuromorphic Processor

Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence with Cutting-Edge Neuromorphic Processing
Unit-designed for Intelligent, Safe, and Secure Future.

Our Vision

The problem and why it’s painful

We are a purpose driven technology company that aims to create a Neuromorphic Processing Unit, that enables smart, thinking devices, capable of learning and adapting to their surroundings; unhackable, secure and safe by design.

AI Traditional Software Approach

Artifical neural networks are now simulated on digital hardware such as GPUs and CPUs.

AI Hardware Approach

Using analog methods and
in-circuit computation,
will allow artificial brains to be
on any device.


Artificial neural networks are now simulated on digital hardware such as GPUs and CPUs.

No huge time consumption

No huge energy consumption

No huge costs


Using analog methods and in-circuit computation, will allow artificial brains to be placed on any device.

Less time consumption

Less energy consumption

Less computation power


Neuromorphic Technology


Technology Feature:

Security application based on PUF
(Physically Unclonable Functions).

Technology Feature

Pattern recognition as part of A.I

Technology Feature

Continuous signal processing & sensor local signal procesing. 

Technology Feature

All above leading to the development of Neuromorphic Computing

drone swarm

CyberSwarm Intelligent
Devices Application

Universal analog front-end
can adapt to any type of sensor
and run algorithms for processing the input (Sensor to NPU to Output/Actuator)

Simplifying the production process and integration for  sensors.

Autonomous swarm of drones with features such as: 
– autonomous detection;
– image and thermal image recognition;
– local data processing




Cyber-security & secure identification

Plug & play DEVKIT (NPU-ONE)

Artificial Neurons Processing Units

On demand NPU Applications development


Investment Memo


The Problem

 Moore’s Law, the law stating that the number of transistors will double every few years, is near its end which  represents a problem across multiple industries. But everything related to A.I. depends on the current computing  architectures, which are quite power intensive. That is why we researched, designed, and built a new type of 

Go to market. How we gain momentum

Current equipment and devices (IoT, Health, Automotive, Robotics) and future products on the development roadmap of different companies can accommodate our neuromorphic solution and it is the fastest way to gain momentum.


 There are several companies within the neuromorphic computing space, most of them are big companies such as  Intel or Samsung, while there are also emerging startups such as Cerebras, Graphcore, Rain Neuromorphics and  few others.

The “why” we will win!

We will win because we choose
a more daring path: analog architecture and we choose
IGZO (TFT specific process) as a substrate thus making it easier to manufacture and scale. Also, our approach ensures a critical feature required for on the edge processing with low power consumption. Our strategy Is innovation coupled with state-of-the-art engineering processes that enables our team to build the future of neuromorphic computing.